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Global Warming & Its Effects

September 26th, 2022

Each year the United States spends over 20 million dollars buying fossil fuels. This country emits one fourth of the world’s greenhouse gases; the most prominent of these gases is carbon dioxide,Guest Posting which is released from the burning of fossil fuels. Global warming has been a global issue for many years now. Some countries and people claim to be only vaguely concerned with the cause because they were unaware or uninformed of the issue. Roger Revelle, an oceanographer, helped to call out the problem to the public. After not receiving much feedback towards his cause, he criticized different governments in a jocular manner. He called warming “the great geophysical experiment.” He said, “The experiment is to load the atmosphere with as much carbon dioxide as possible, add a few other harmful gases, and see what happens.” Recently, several countries have been passing laws to prevent the world’s overheated destiny. Even with the setting of new rules and regulations, the earth continues to warm each year. Minimal efforts made to reduce the release of greenhouse gases, specifically carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels, increase the rate and intensity of global warming.

The most prominent effect of global warming exists in the climate change over the past years. Many people are unaware that global warming causes and changes all types of weather. The heating of the earth causes the magnitude and strength of weather conditions to increase. As the oceans get warmer, the intensity of hurricanes amplifies in power and devastation. In addition, many costal cities and regions have recently been experiencing flooding, caused by the melting of the polar icecaps. The Arctic’s perennial icecaps decline in area by nine percent each year. In the past thirty years, over ten national records were set for the highest temperatures in the summer and winter. Droughts and forest fires have been occurring dramatically more often in the past century. All of these effects have been directly linked to the release of greenhouse gases.

Another area affected by global warming is the animal kingdom and nature. The number of animals per specie has been decreasing annually due to harsh environmental changes. As the polar icecaps melt, all creatures that live there are left without shelter. For example, as seal dens have been melting, the number of seals has dropped. Events that occur in the spring, such as mating, migrating, laying eggs, and returning from hibernation have been taking place approximately 5.1 days earlier than they were fifty years ago. The early occurrence of these events proves that the earth is getting warmer each year. More proof of warming is the evidence of many animals traveling farther from the equator as they migrate. Although this change has been occurring with various creatures, butterflies and mosquitoes are being found the farthest from their natural habitats. Even though butterflies do not cause any known problems with the environment, mosquitoes are carries of malaria. This deadly disease has dangerously spread to new regions across the globe. If the world continues to warm, this issue, along with many others, will continue to grow.

Global Business Schooling Opportunities

March 23rd, 2022

Conducting business in a foreign country differs from how professionals perform work related duties in America. Many factors contribute to this difference and students can learn to perform business functions overseas by completing an educational program in global business. Colleges provide many opportunities for students to understand the global economy inside a business setting.

Educational study encompasses the entire global environment as is relates to business strategies, operations, and problem solving techniques. Students walk away from a program with a global mindset that is utilized to conduct business with foreign professionals and customers. Training covers everything from global trade to how different cultures affect the way countries carry out business. To fully grasp all the needed knowledge to work in the field students are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree. The two most common completed programs by students are at the bachelor’s degree and master’s degree level. Each program focuses on business practices as they relate to working with and managing a global business.

The education gained inside a bachelor’s degree program focuses on teaching students about:

Business Law
Global Trade
International Cultures

Coursework focuses on these areas and more to train students to help a business thrive in the global marketplace. Undergraduate study focuses on completely incorporating business practices with understanding the global economy. Many students complete a global management degree because of the skill set earned within a typical program. The combination of global business relations and management skills prepares students to work with a business on all areas including trade, investment procedure, finance, human resource management, and accounting. A prominent course inside a bachelor’s degree is a business strategies course. Work related to international payments and trades is emphasized. The goal is to teach students to create an effective multinational enterprise by identifying appropriate global operations.

A global business master’s degree centers on providing students with general and specialized knowledge in areas that include:

Foreign Politics
Global Institutions

Education follows not only the business aspect but also the cultural aspect of the global economy. Schooling focuses on the importance of cultural awareness and economical control of working with a global economy. Courses in political science, diplomatic strategy, global ecology, international law, and finance are worked through. These industry areas provide students with the understanding of how different countries conduct business with each other. Continuing education can be pursued in a related doctoral degree or a postgraduate certificate program.